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Why BBA Aspirants ask these questions

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A career in management is always been lucrative options for any individuals. So if you are reading this article that means you are also looking a career option in the management, am I right?

If you are planning to make your career in management then I would say BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is the most perfect course to get the entry-level management jobs.

BBA is not a much popular course in small towns because most students from small-town prefer to go for B. tech. There are many reasons playing together to make it happen. I have uploaded a separate article on this topic “Why mostly B. tech students coming from Small Towns”.

Almost every BBA aspirant has many questions related to the BBA course, you may also have a few of the questions or may have many questions related to the BBA course and you might be looking for the answer of them. We will be addressing these questions in this article, so please go through the entire article.

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What is BBA Or BBA Course?

You may also have gone through this question, this is a very first question related to BBA Course that may be raising in your mind if you are planning to get admission in BBA this year.

BBA is a three years management degree program which can be pursued after class 12th (after 12th). Class 12th stream does not matter to get admission in BBA. Any class 12th pursuing/completed student can apply to this course.

After successfully completing the BBA Course you can get an entry-level management job in various industries, such as – Marketing, FMCG, ITES, KPO, BPO, Recruitment/Staffing, Banking, Education, Real Estate, Healthcare etc.

Salary after BBA depends on various factors, however, if I talk in general terms the average salary after BBA is around 15k to 40k. As I also said earlier BBA is a degree program, so you can always go for the master course, like MBA (Master of Business Administration). If you wanted to get a higher level of job in management functions then MBA will be the most recommended course you.

What is the Scope of BBA Or BBA Course?

Almost every student in India is talking about the future scope of different course and they are busy to find out the answer, here I would say most of the students are using wrong references to figure out the scope of particular subject/course, some of them are even using the statistical tools to figure out the answers.

If you also have the same question related to the BBA Course then I would say to you very simply that every course has a brilliant future scope for the truly passionate students.

In general, we all know how the global business environment is changing day by day and because of this, the requirement of strategic leaders are also increasing. Not even in big MNCs, the way startups are coming it opens the door of the new job right from the entry-level management job to high-level management jobs. So after successfully completion of BBA course, you can get placed very easily in various industry such as FMCG, ITES, E-commerce, Real Estate etc.

“Remember, for the sake of a GOOD JOB always get admission in high ranked college.”

What is the starting salary of a BBA fresher?

Salary??? Most of us judge any subject on the basis of the salary we get after the course completion. I am sure you might also have the same question that How much salary will I get as a BBA fresher? Somewhere I also faced this question during my graduation and I used to ask about salary to my seniors.

Starting salary of BBA fresher is pretty handsome, as a BBA fresher you can easily get the salary around 15k to 30k if you are a student of a reputed then the chances of getting fat salary is much higher.

“Salary of an individual depends on various factors, so if you wanted to get a higher salary, enhance your skills to the next level.

Top BBA Specializations in India?

If you ask this question personally to me then I would defiantly say, every BBA specialization is perfect for a truly passionate student of that specific area of interest. You should always choose a BBA specialization very carefully because on every job interview it will define your area of skills.

“Always choose a BBA specialization on a specific analysis of your interest in the specific field and the availability of jobs in that area.”

Here is the list of most popular BBA specialization available in India

  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA in Human Resource (HR)
  • BBA in Operation Management
  • BBA in finance & Accounts
  • BBA in General Management
  • BBA in Rural Management
  • BBA in Aviation Management
  • BBA in International Business
  • BBA (Hons.) in Financial Markets.

If you have any other query/questions related to BBA Course, you can ask directly in the comment section.